3D Black Boston is a project led by Professors Jessica Linker, Angel David Nieves, and Kabria Baumgartner at Northeastern University.

We are a project in progress. Currently, we are blogging about items related to building a pilot VR simulation based on David Walker, the radical Black abolitionist whose famous Appeal escalated antislavery efforts in Boston. We are trying to recreate spaces he occupied c. 1827-30 as a different way of understanding the creation of the document, systemic racism in Boston, Black entrepreneurism, and the experiences of a young family in a growing, yet precarious Black neighborhood, among other themes. We anticipate building out some other spaces in the community from this era, as well as examining different moments of time. As the project grows, we hope to use this site to add pedagogical materials and to provide context for the interpretative and curatorial decisions that underpin our 3D reconstructions of sites.

This project has been funded by a Multigenerational Grant from the College of Social Sciences and Humanities at Northeastern University and a NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks Digital Seedling Grant. We thank Northeastern’s History Department for additional support.

Project Manager

Liam Maclean

Lead Researcher

Victoria Dey

Digital Project Team

Jenia Browne
Kesia Davies
Ananya Dhandapani
Jessica Luo
Kira Torrieri